Sunday, January 22, 2006


Photo Credit - Rinda Dean

I've been thinking....

Donna over at Quiet Life quotes Jen Ig asking the question "....honestly, do you feel like you do enough? Do you feel pressured to do more? Do you think you do too much?"

I was interested to read the replies because almost everyone I know feels that they do too much and,conversely, not enough! The standard reply to "How are you?" is "Busy!". Yet, almost in the same breath, these people will reply "I should be doing----or -----". So many of us feel pressured at home - at church - at work - even at play! (check out the hockey moms up here !!!)

I started thinking what would happen if I had the courage to always do just what I want to do!

Donna says "As long as I am loving God (and I mean loving Him by obeying Him), loving my husband and loving my children.....anything after that is gravy."

and I think that Augustine would agree with her although his statement is even more succinct and encompassing.

"Love God and do what you want" Augustine

That quote feels both freeing and a little dangerous to me - I was almost afraid to say it to my 20something as he figures out what to do with his life.

But it is the reality for believers - If we love Him, and are growing in that love for Him, our lives will be changed - transformed. Like Moses, who spent time with God and was called the friend of God, we will shine with His reflection.

You see I think the danger in doing "what we should rather than what we want" is that we may miss those desires of the heart that the Lord is revealing and nurturing.

What desires - wishes - dreams - are hiding beneath all the "but I have to and I should be or I can't" s?

We may never "do enough" in some people's eyes (usually those who feel no one is doing enough - chronically unhappy people) but we will rest secure in His love and approval as we delight in Him. And isn't that what counts?

Just thinking....