Saturday, January 14, 2006

Math and Faith

Math and Faith

I like math because



I am praying that I can apply that formula to this verse....

God is my refuge and my strength

I will not fear.

Not that I think having faith in God can be reduced to a formula.

We develop a relationship with Him just as we do with any other person.

The depth of our relationship with anyone depends on how well we know that person.

But I want that "therefore" in Ps. 46 to be as



and logical

to me as the ∴ in a math equation.

However the truth is

although I "believe" He is our refuge and strength

I find that I don't logically follow through

with the "therefore I will not fear"

I find that after 35 years of "believing" and growth in many areas of my spiritual life

that I still fear... many things

I can only conclude

that I do not know Him well enough

and when I speak of "knowing " Him I refer to

deep knowledge - familiarity gained through experience or association

that recognizes and accepts the truth about something - or Someone.

that knowledge that would enable me to consistently

"be still and know"


"have faith"

Dallas Willard writes that

"Great faith, like great strength in general, is revealed by the ease of its workings. As 'the quality of mercy is not strained' so also with faith. Most of what we think we see as the struggle of faith is really the struggle to act as if we had faith when in fact we do not." Hearing God

"I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!"

to believe, rest, have faith like this...

knowing I am held


He who began a good work in me

will complete it.