Saturday, May 20, 2006

Alphabet of Praise - K and some brain fun...

Knowing - 1 a (1) : to perceive directly : have direct cognition of (2) : to have understanding of (3) : to recognize the nature of

The Set Daily Puzzle

Warning - it's a little addictive - but consider it preventive maintenance for the brain.

According to researchers "... increased mental activity throughout life appears to preserve brainpower..."

Isn't that a great excuse?! :)

HT - Lyn

Ps - My school bought a beautiful camera and my principal told me to go out and play with it this weekend!! It was cool with overcast skies early this morning, BUT the sun has broken through the clouds and it is absolutely beautiful now! I've nabbed Rinda, my photography guru, for the afternoon and we are going out to "play" with the camera. I'll be back with some lovely Island pictures to share!

Hope you have a lovely Saturday too!