Friday, May 05, 2006

Birds in flight...

The beach was beautiful today with
the tang of salt in the air
and the
waves lapping quietly
along the shoreline.

The seagulls were a noisy crew, screeching and flapping,
making a lot of commotion. I like to watch them dive down, snatch a clam or mussel and then soar up high to drop them on the rocks, breaking the shells open. Then the fight begins!

Close to shore, a flock of sandpipers performed their amazing aerial feats.
They move so fast, almost as one, twisting and turning, their backs flashing brown, their bottom sides white, swooping in synchronized flight just inches above the waves. I wish I could get a picture of them in action!

My friend and I like to walk through the woods by this beach. There is a bald eagle's nest along the trail. Eagle's nests are very large and heavy, made of sticks and vegetation and lined with feathers and grass. This one was
built in the fork of a tall, old white pine tree.We approached cautiously, keeping our distance, but there didn't seem to be any activity. My friend drew a little closer and, all of a sudden, a huge bald eagle swooped down off a nearby branch. We were startled, to say the least, and left so that we wouldn't disturb the nesting pair. There are only about 25 eagles' nests on PEI. They were endangered here in the 1960's but have made a good comeback.

A farmer made a commotion here a few weeks ago by cutting down a tree that housed an eagle's nest. It is against the law to cut it down while the eagles are nesting but this farmer waited until they had migrated for the winter. Despite the public outrage, he was unrepentant. He said "there's other trees on the Island the eagle can sit in..."

Oh dear....did you know that P.E. Islanders are noted to be "stubborn offshoots of a stubborn breed..."?

Chronicles of Avonlea Ch.1

Photo Credit:
Gulls - Dwaine Oakley
Eagle -
Gerald MacDougall