Thursday, June 15, 2006

ordinary things in extraordinary times

Oh my goodness - I feel excited - happy - a little anxious!

Today is the day we have been planning for all year long. Our Revival In Belfast conference starts tonight. Our visitors from Ireland arrived last night and are happily installed in a beautiful cottage down on Point Prim. 400 delegates are about to descend on our church tonight at 7 pm. The closing worship concert is scheduled for Sunday night (in Charlottetown) and we have over 1400 people coming and tickets still selling like hotcakes!

The sun rose in gorgeous splendour this morning - such a welcome break from all the rain although I am not complaining about the showery weather. It brings the springtime growth and right now Prince Edward Island is in all its verdant glory with lush emerald fields - greener than Ireland I've been told. But when you have company you like them to see your home in all its beauty - so I am thankful that the rain has stopped.

Gardens are growing, flowers are blooming, kids are swimming, school is almost over and summer is just about here. Ordinary times, yet there is an air of expectancy - a sense that maybe we are living in an extraordinary time here on Prince Edward Island.

I wonder if I should whisper about it let alone write about it. But I am asking for your prayer.

Just as the Island is awash in springtime growth, there seems to be a corresponding spiritual springtime happening. My husband, a pastor here for over 20 years, is inundated with seekers who want to know about the Lord. Our awareness of His presence is heightened especially when we gather to pray - like we are on holy ground. Could it be revival? We have been praying for it for many years.

This weekend is a part of this - maybe a pivotal part - I don't know. But we do ask for your prayer - we need them.