Saturday, April 01, 2006


Happy first day of April !

I hope it is as sunny and bright where you are, as it is here in PEI!

I'm off today to hear Henry Blackaby speak on revival - a springtime of the heart.

But before I go, I'm wondering if you can help me solve a mystery....

No it's not a new centerpiece or arrangement for my dining room table....

Those are all the single socks in the "sock bag".

Where have all the others gone??

I don't know...

It has me stumped!

Here are the 5 happy couples that I reunited...

Anyone have any answers? or solutions?

Roger McGough
offers a rhyming solution - "The Missing Sock"

I think he may be on to something :)

If you are feeling totally overwhelmed by this ongoing dilemma, you can ease your frustration by helping Arthur Find His Missing Sock and Toothbrush.

Enjoy :)