Monday, February 06, 2006

I See Your Beauty

This is a song/poem that I wrote, inspired by the Annie Dillard quote "Beauty laid bare" - wish I could share the music with you :)
Photo credits - Rinda Dean (photos # 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9)

I See Your Beauty

I love to see the sunrise in the morning,
Through the trees along the misty hill,
Calling me to prayer.

Or stand alone on rocky cliffs,
And watch the waves rolling in upon the shore,
And breathe the salty air.
I see Your beauty, all around me.
I see your glory, it surrounds me.

I have walked on mountain heights,
Watched the sun set the snowy peaks on fire,
And felt that flame within.

I have seen the eagle fly,
And felt my spirit rise with him, soaring high,
Riding on the wind.
I see Your beauty, all around me.
I see Your glory, it surrounds me.

In the winter of my soul,
In my darkest hour, You have taught me,
That weeping is also prayer.

(Artwork by Katherine Brown)

As I called to You, You have drawn me to your side,
Sheltered beneath Your wing,
And I have felt Your comfort there.
Even there Your beauty, is all around me.
Even there Your glory, still surrounds me.

There's a world of unseen splendour,
Beauty laid bare in radiant light,
Hidden from our view.

At times I think I've caught a glimpse,
A fragrant scent, an echo of eternity,
That leaves me trembling for You.
Lost in the beauty all around You
Lost in the glory that surrounds You

Draw me deeper into Your beauty.
Draw me deeper into Your glory.