Friday, July 07, 2006

listen to your mother...

My mother was a beach lover - every single sunny day of the summer she packed a picnic cooler and we headed off to one of the many beaches here on PEI. And she always carried her beach bag with her - even on rainy days because "You never know - the sun might come out..."

I headed to town the other day - it was a rainy afternoon - the sky was grey and leaden. I brought my laptop looking forward to a cozy afternoon on high speed in at Timothy's coffee house (not to be mistaken for Tim Horton's - both good experiences but not to be compared...).

Around 4pm I noticed bright sunlight streaming in the windows. All of a sudden my childhood training (indoctrination?) kicked in gear.

sunny summer afternoon = beach

oops - no beachbag - no towel - no swimsuit.

Why would that make me feel vaguely guilty?

the power of Moms...

We went up anyway, sans beachbag, to walk on the sand, enjoy the salt air, the sound of the waves and the joy of being alive on a beautiful summer evening on the beach.


The beach is never crowded in the evening - usually the tourists head back to their campsites or cottages and the Islanders take over. They don't like the crowds or the National Park entrance fee. It's free after 4pm.

The water is unusually warm this year.

This little guy was having so much fun!

A favourite pastime - walking along the shore...

(I'm heading to town today - my beachbag is in the backseat - OK Mom?)

and thanks for the lovely day and pictures Rinda Dean :)