Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sweet Symphony

This is my boys band - 1st from the left is my boy #3 and 3ird from the left is my boy # 2 wearing their "trade mark" suits.

If you're Canadian and happen to be watching CBC on Monday night they will be playing in the East Coast Music Awards. They're on first - so you can turn the TV off after and avoid listening to the Trailor Park Boys, the hosts of the show, - who, I'm told, are not polite.

I'm not just writing about them because I'm a proud mom - which I am of course - boy #3 also leads worship and is youth pastor in our church - I'm also very proud of that.

but I am writing about them because

right now

this very moment

they are

practising in the basement

and how could I possibly write about anything else?

the house is vibrating....

My boys have had various bands through out their lives - we're a musical bunch - this is the first serious band and they are getting a lot of good press here. Monday night will be their first national audience. They have a nice sound - pop rock influenced by the Beatles, Coldplay, U2 and the Dave Matthews Band. Sweet harmony from my two boys - there is something about brothers singing together. The electric guitar player is our neighbour - I've known him since he was born. They have "playing together" all their lives. Boy #3 writes all the songs with help from boy #2.

They are hoping to make it big and I have a hard time not to worry about all the dangers...

so I am praying ....

asking the Lord to keep His hand on them and keep them safe and use this band for His glory.

Amen Amen Amen